5795 series - Rubber flat narrowband absorber

Rubber flat narrowband absorber is a thin flexible narrow band resonating radar absorbent...

Our rubber flat narrowband absorbers (also known as Pinpoint types, microwave absorbers) attenuate 10-20 dB at one particular frequency. These narrow band absorbers are mainly designed for UHF (300MHz ~ 3GHz range) and SHF (3~30GHz) frequency range.

Rubber flat narrowband absorbers
Rubber flat narrowband absorbers

Areas of application

  • For radar signature management by covering the ship mast.
  • To avoid the ground reflections at open area test sites (OATS).
  • To eliminate interferences and unnecessary reflection.
  • To avoid the cross talk between transmitter and receiver antenna.


  • Frequency: 1-40GHz
  • Material thickness: it is determined by resonant frequency (applied center frequency)
  • Temperature resistance characteristics: -50℃ - 150℃
  • Environment: unlimited
  • Power handing capacity: above 2kW/sqm
  • Absorption properties: resonance point attenuation ≤-18dB


5795 series Rubber flat narrowband absorber is suitable for the occasions that require thin sheet and without broadband; when used, it shall have metal substrate, and it shall be close pasted; it is mainly applied for the reflecting of metal components inside the radar cabin, the substrate inside the radar cabin can help to suppress electromagnetic interference.

Product specification and performance

Part number Resonant frequency
Material thickness
Unit weight
Reflectivity under
vertical incidence
5795-0.7 40 0.7 2 18
5795-1.3 15 1.3 3.5 18
5795-1.8 10 1.8 5.2 18
5795-2.5 7 2.5 7 18
5795-3.0 5 3.0 8 18
5795-6.8 2 6.8 17 18
These values are measured under laboratory conditions.
In your situation results may differ, please read our Guarantee

Please note: it can be customized as per request and cut in every shape according to your CAD drawing.


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