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Mu-ferro shielding foil 6800 - SD

Magnetic shielding sheets that are thin and flexible with a high permeability

The Mu-ferro shielding foil is a magnetic shielding sheet and made of a high permability material laminated on a PET film. The sheets are easy to handle and because of the thinness of 0.12 mm the material is very flexible.

The mu-ferro shielding foil is lightweight and has a superior magnetic shielding effect. The best shielding frequency can be made when the frequency gets below several 100 kHz.

When one layer of Mu-ferro foil is used it can shield 100μT. When multiple layers of the material are used it can shield a strong magnetic field.

Having small deterioration in shielding effect by bending, cutting and punching, Mu-ferro foil can be applied on curved surface and cut or punched in various shapes.

The foil is also available in a long sheet and is suitable for large-scale magnetic shielding for example a shielded room.

Cylindrical shielded box
Shielded box


  • For suppression of magnetic noise generated from inductors in electronic devices, such as personal computer, mobile phone, DVC, DSC, etc.
  • For magnetic shielding of buildings or houses close to power lines or power distribution installation.
  • For magnetic shielding of equipments that are easily affected by geomagnetic field or fluctuating magnetic field.


Mu-ferro structure


Type Long Sheet Sheet
Part number    
Dimensions Length 100m 610mm
Width 470mm 460mm
Thickness 0.12mm
Magnetic flux density, B800 (DC H=800A/m) 1.23 T
Maximum permeability, μmax(DC) 70.000
Operating temperature range -40~+80 ℃
Double-sided adhesive tape is available for 610 mm × 460 mm sheet.

Shielding effect


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