Low frequency Mu-ferro HD shielded boxes

Shielded boxes specially developed for shielding low frequency fields

For shielding of low frequency magnetic fields, we produce shielded boxes made from our patented Mu-ferro HD material.

Mu-ferro HD is a material that  is often used to prevent low frequency magnetic radiation (0Hz – 300KHz) from leaving a device, or it can be applied around a sensitive device or sensor, to prevent external electromagnetic interference from disrupting normal operations.

These boxes for shielding low frequency magnetic fields can be made in any desired shape and according to your supplied CAD drawings.

They can also be equipped with date-, signal- or power line filters to supply equipment within the box or to have data communication with the device in the box.

Shielding performance of 2 mm thick Mu-ferro-HD box

Shielding performance Graph
Shielding performance Graph

These values are measured under laboratory conditions.
In your situation results may differ, please read our Guarantee.

Mu-ferro HD | Magnetic shielding box according to customer drawing
Mu-ferro HD | Magnetic shielding box according to customer drawing


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