How to shield ventilation openings against electromagnetic interference

Below we give a brief explanation of how you can shield ventilation openings and which products are suitable.

In electronics housings or shielded rooms it is usually necessary to cool, heat or refresh the air. However, one cannot simply create an opening for airflow, since that would almost completely destroy the proper electromagnetic shielding performance of the housing or room.

For electromagnetic shielding of air openings we have developed shielded air ventilation panels, grouped into several product variations (see products below). Shielded air ventilation panels, also called shielded honeycomb vent panels, provide adequate air flow for cooling or heating purposes in electronic enclosures or Faraday cages while preserving the necessary EMI shielding.

We have a comprehensive range of EMC or EMI vent panels and filters available that are all primarily designed to allow unrestricted airflow whilst preventing the transmission of electromagnetic interference (EMI). These products are used wherever there is a requirement for air cooling or ventilation without compromising the shielding integrity of an enclosure.

Honeycomb ventilation panels

Honeycomb vents

Honeycomb ventilation panels

These honeycombs can be delivered in custom sizes with no additional costs. High shielding performance with minimum pressure drop.

9505 Frameless Honeycomb vents

EMC Dust filter ventilation panels

EMI shielded ventilation panels for ventilation and heating without frame. Possible with compressed flange.

9510 EMC dust filter ventilation panels

EMC Dust filter ventilation panels

Combined dust and EMC filter, for low-level shielding and dust prevention.

9520 EMC woven mesh ventilation panels

EMC woven mesh ventilation panels

Readymade filter with several layers of woven wire mesh in order to stop dust and particles.

Honeycomb fan shields

EMC woven mesh ventilation panels

Honeycomb ventilation grids specifically designed for standard sized fans, e.g. in computer cases.

EMP ventilation panels

EMP ventilation panels

These drilled ventilation panels are designed for high performance applications, where high attenuation is required, particularly in the H (magnetic) field.


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