High temperature resistant EMI gasket 7100

High conductive metallized fabric HF shielding gasket with high shielding performance. Widely used in the automotive industry production up to 125 °C.

This series is a HF shielding gasket with high shielding performance and extremely low closure force. This prevents deflection of doors/parts, which improves shielding effectiveness. It is very effective in combination with stainless steel and metals. The core consists of a high-grade FUBA foam which is an EPDM foam covered with high conductive wear & tear resistant metallized fabric. This EMI gasket is used in large scale in automotive production up to 125 °C.

FUBA foam general description

FUBA foam is a semi-closed cell EPDM foam with excellent sealing properties. The semi-closed cell structure combines the flexibility of open cell types with the excellent sealing capabilities of closed cell types (after compression).
This unique foam can be laminated with advanced adhesive technology to seal (complex) gaps against water, wind,
dust, noise and heat.

FUBA foam characteristics

Good resistance to UV, humidity, high and low temperatures and chemicals (such as acids and alkalis). The flexibility of the foam makes sure that the optimal sealing performance is obtained, even with expansion or contraction of the structure caused by temperature changes. Thanks to the low compression load the foam will never deform the structure after application.

Combined with advanced adhesive technology, the foam can be applied on greasy, rough, smooth, and low energy surfaces. No heavy metals (such as cadmium) or regulated substances (such as CFC’s and halogen gases) are used during the manufacturing process nor in the product itself. FUBA foam can be disposed of by incineration.

7100 - High temperature resistant EMI gasket

Please note : These values are measured under laboratory conditions. Results may vary in other situations; please read our Guarantee.


  • Semi-closed cell structure
  • Good UV resistance
  • Good weatherability
  • Low compression load
  • Very high electrical conductivity
  • High shielding performance
  • Roll length of 1 to 1000 meters.
    (Depending on width and height of the EMI gasket)
  • Easy to fit with self-adhesive
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Can be cut with scissors
  • Because the FUBA foam series is so soft, it is easy to bend around corners


FUBA foam gaskets are specifially designed to seal (complex) gaps against electrical noise and heat. Depending on the applications, the EMI gasket needs to be compressed between 50-80% to activate its sealing properties.  Automotive - sealing of HVAC unit, dashboard, air duct, glass run, fire wall. Building and construction - sealing of exterior panel joints, solar panels. Industrial - sealing of air-conditioners, mobile phones, refrigerators.

Tape specification

  • With standard self-adhesive placed in the middle
  • Without self-adhesive
  • With conductive self-adhesive
  • Standard self-adhesive, asymmetrical
  • Standard self-adhesive placed on the side

FUBA foam core specifications

Density95 kg/m³ISO 845
Thickness3-30 mm 
Temperature - service (continuous)-40 to 135 °C 
Temperature max180 °C 
Compression load (50%)5 kPaISO 844
Elongation430 %ISO 1798
Elongation - acid (1% H2SO4)430 %immersion at 20 °C for 7 days
Elongation - alkaline (1% NaOH)390 %immersion at 20 °C for 7 days
Elongation - initial430 %immersion at 20 °C for 7 days
Tensile strength - acid (1% H2SO4)81 kPaimmersion at 20 °C for 7 days
Tensile strength90 kPaISO 1798
Tensile strength - alkaline (1% NaOH)77 kPaimmersion at 20°C for 7 days
Tensile strength - initial90 kPaimmersion at 20°C for 7 days
Water absorptionISO 2896 
FlammabilitypassFMVSS 302
High deflectionup to 65 % 

Standard dimensions

Width X(mm)
Height Y(mm) 34567891012151820253250
4 7144715471647174718471947110471124711547118471204712547132471504
5  715571657175718571957110571125711557118571205712557132571505
6   71667176718671967110671126711567118671206712567132671506
8    7178718871987110871128711587118871208712587132871508
9      71997110971129711597118971209712597132971509
10       711010711210711510711810712010712510713210715010
12        711212711512711812712012712512713212715012

Bold, underlined item numbers are 98% stock items.

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